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Product Image Illinois State Maze Cotton Canvas Tote | Large

Illinois State Maze Cotton Canvas Tote | Large

$ 22.00

When you're bored you can use your finger to solve this maze…  On your way from St. Louis to Chicago, swing by Springfield and perhaps pass through Peoria.  Not for actual navigational purposes though, who knows where you'd end up!

David designs all of his mazes by hand, carefully routing a challenging but fun path from start to finish.  Enjoy a rad graphic image combined with a solvable activity!


  • Locally screen printed in red and midnight grey (almost black) 
  • Totes are large and sturdy, made from heavy 100% cotton twill
  • Size: 16x16x3.5"
  • Straps are 27"

Available wholesale.  Contact us for more info.

Illinois State Maze © David Birkey