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Product Image Old Friends Magnets | Funny Retro Faces For Your Fridge

Old Friends Magnets

$ 2.00

Choose your friends wisely... 

Need to spark some kitchen conversations?  These friendly faces are just the ticket:

"Doesn't Sharon remind you of Cousin Beverly?"

"Isn't Zenas the spitting image of Uncle Dudley."

Or maybe you just need a new friend to help hold your notes to the file cabinet or your grocery list to the refrigerator.

  • See all your choices in the second photo then make your selections from the drop-down list above. 
  • Each is 1 inch (diameter) and has a strong magnet on the back.

If you can't decide, we'll choose your friends for you: 

  • Select "Mystery 3-Pack" and we'll send you 3 assorted friends for $4. 
  • Or if you're a serious collector, we'll send you all 18 friends for $22.