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Product Image Wrist Wallet Wristlet - Zipper Pocket - All Black

Wrist Zips | Wrist Wallet | Black

$ 25.00

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These classic all-black Wrist Zips were handmade from new medium-weight knit fabric.

  • Black zippers and ribbing
  • You will receive a pair (two matching Wrist Zips)
  • One size fits all (women)
  • The ribbing at either end is about 5¾" around un-stretched.
  • It will stretch comfortably up to 8" or more, so these can be worn lower on your hand or higher on your forearm
  • The main (pocket) part is about 8" around and is also stretchy
  • The full length is about 7½"

Seams are overlocked & pockets are lined with soft black knit fabric.

Machine wash & dry.